3Minit Settings S4 v3.3

3Minit Settings S4 v3.3
Requirements: Galaxy S4 with Android 4.2+, ROOT ACCESS DEODEXED ROM AND LATEST FRAMEWORK
Overview: Extended settings for SGS4. Select am/pm size, Show/hide day on statusbar, Show/hide date on statusbar, Select date style and a lot more.
********* THIS APPLICATION REQUIRES ROOT ACCESS DEODEXED ROM AND LATEST FRAMEWORK. DOWNLOAD IT FROM http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=41361132&postcount=1 PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THREAD BEFORE BUYING THIS APP FOR SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 I9505 INERNATIONAL ONLY. Framewoek MUST be flashed before app is installed or it will fc ************
Note:When buying this app you are buying it for it current features. I hold the right to stop development at ant time.
Select am/pm size
Show/hide day on statusbar
Show/hide date on statusbar
Select date style
Day and date as uppercase
Select center/right aligned clock
Set any color time and date
Full battery notification on/off
Low battery notification on/off
USB connection sounds on/off
Show/hide no notification title
Show/hide ongoing title
Show/hide ongoing items
Set statusbar to any color and transparency
Set dropdown to any color and transparency
Any color battery
Any color wifi/data icons
Any color statusbar icons
Any color toggle icons
Any color toggle button background
Alarm icon on/off
Bluetooth icon on/off
Vibrate/mute icons on/off
Long press volume skips track(with on off toggle)
Drop down clock has its own color
Drop down date has its own color
Wallpaper scrolling on/off
Some small app changes
Batterys have been resized
Lock screen button on statusbar on/off
Carrier text on/off
Custom carrier text
Any color carrier text
Any color battery text
Any color/transparency dropdown header
Any color header buttons
Show next alarm on dragbar
Add on button to dropdown header choose None/Recents/Clear/Lockscreen
Toggles text on/off
Toggles indicator on/off
Any color toggles text
Set statusbar any image
Set dropdown any image
Hex color setter
Select from 13 different battery types
Select Time and date size
Option to size dropdown clock too
Select brightness slider text color
Fast shutdown
Fast reboot
Fast auto reboot into to recovery
Long press back kills app(multiwindow moved to menu key) or
Long press menu kills current app.
Set any mid battery value
Set any low battery value
Set any mid battery color
Set any low battery color
Show/Hide battery
Show/Hide blocking mode icon
Airplane mode icon is now colored
Long press volume skips track(with on off toggle)
Drop down clock has its own color
Drop down date has its own color
Wallpaper scrolling on/off
Backup and Restore Feature
3 toggles added:
Power Off
Reboot menu with (Reboot, Recovery, Download modes)
Quicksettings toggle control
What’s New
3.3 (27/08/2013)
Wifi/signal icons now have their own color setting
Clicking on dropdown date and time can launch any app
Added home button double click actions
Added 4 new actions to all buttons:
Toggle sound/mute
Toggle bluetooth on/off
Toggle wifi on/off
Lock device
You can now set any color for all toggle states: (Fully stock toggle colors are now acheived)
Toggles image on any color
Toggles image dim any color
Toggles image off any color
Please see XDA thread for full change log
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