Brushed Chrome CM10/AOKP Theme v4.5

Brushed Chrome CM10/AOKP Theme v4.5
Requirements: Android 4.0+
Overview: Brushed Chrome CM10/AOKP Theme
!!**!! IMPORTANT **!!**
You must be running a ROM that supports
the T-Mobile Theme Chooser Engine.
XHDPI Displays Only at this time
!!**!! PLEASE READ **!!**
If you receive “Sorry, this theme is missing assets
for your device’s screen size” APPLY ANYWAY.
If you receive “Theme Error” please do not panic.
Simply revert to your original theme and restart your phone.
You will be able to apply after your restart.
Please note some theme aspects only apply after you restart your phone.
If you would like an inverted MMS or Calendar, please go here:
If you have issues, please let me know so I can fix them…
OK, onto the Theme Information!
Newly updated for Android 4.2.2!
What’s Themed:
* Phone
* SystemUI
* Settings
* Swype – New Version (Classic Theme)
* AOKP ROM Control
* Camera 4.2.2
* Calendar
* Contacts
* Calculator
* Google Now
* Google Play – New Version
* Google+ (Work in progress – Crashes when clicking on “Photos” from side menu)
* DeskClock 4.2
* YouTube
* Gmail (New Version)
* Email
* AquaMail
What’s new in this version:
Version 4.5
- Added Google+
- Gmail (New)
- Gallery (New)
- Lots of little updates and icons added
This app has NO advertisements
Free Brushed Chrome CM10/AOKP Theme v4.5 apk

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