Flat Fusion Theme v1.6

Flat Fusion Theme v1.6
Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
Overview:Flat Fusion is a theme who’s icons are styled after the new Flat UI everyone’s so crazy about. This pack comes with 185 flat icons including custom icons, Samsung’s Touchwiz, stock Google & 3rd party apps. The icon pack will be updated accordingly. If icons you need are missing, you can request them by dropping me an email. Please note that this will not automatically replace your icons, it’s an icon pack, it does nothing else.
You must have the latest version of Apex or Nova Launcher installed
- It is impossible to theme all applications on the initial release
- If there is a missing icon for your app(s), you can request me to make it
- If something doesn’t work, PLEASE send me an email instead of rating it bad
- Leaving a review helps me a lot
- Only people that purchased it can send requests
- Requests are only for existing applications.
- Please don’t leave your requests in the review — send me an email
LDPI – Not tested
MDPI – Not tested
HDPI – Not tested
XHDPI – Works (Nexus 4)
XXHDPI – Works (Galaxy S4)
All icons were made in XXHDPI resolution (144×144) and should automatically downsize to your resolution. For devices starting at HDPI to LDPI, it hasn’t been tested if the icons have a good resolution. If it does work though, you can let me know and I can update it.
If you have apps in your app drawer that do not look like the rest of the icons from this icon pack, I can make them look like them. Please note, this does not mean I will re-design an app or create an app icon for your upcoming application.
If there are missing themed icons of your application(s) you can send me a request and I will make those and update it together with the next version. I will make an update every time I get over 30 icon requests, so there won’t be updates everyday (less annoying).
All I need from you is a specification of which applications to theme and a receipt of your payment for this theme. If you can, please send me a link to the application (I may not live in the same country than you).
1. Long-press an icon on the homescreen
2. Press Edit
3. Press the icon box on the left
4. Select “Choose from icon packs”
5. Choose “Flat Fusion”
Why aren’t all of my apps themed?
It is impossible for me to theme all existing applications, however you can request it. You can request as much APPLICATIONS as you want. Please note that I’m unable to theme widgets, widget previews or other icon packs. Please ask for applications only!
I installed it but nothing changed?
Please send me an email about this, it should work.
Do I have to pay again to get my requested icons done?
No. Once you purchased the icon pack you can send as many requests as you’d like with no extra charge.
What’s New
August 10th – Flat Fusion is now a theme and will automatically replace your icons. Please note that not many icons have been themed but I’m working on bringing more the coming week. If you need icons, please request them quickly so I can include it
19 New Icons (August 10th, 2013)
Full Changelog: http://bit.ly/12K5qUt
- “Version Categorised” < You now have a little icon showing what icons have been brought with each version.
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