Mobi Calculator PRO v1.3.15

Mobi Calculator PRO v1.3.15
Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: Universal, every day use Android calculator with scientific features.
Universal, every day use calculator with scientific features. One of top.
Good for simple and advanced calculations!
* Math expressions calculation (developed on RPN-algorithm but no RPN-calculators’ kind UI!)
* Percentages (calculation discount, tax, tip and other)
* Radix mode (HEX/BIN/OCT)
* Time calculation (two modes)
* Trigonometric functions. Radians and degrees with DMS feature (Degree-Minute-Second)
* Logarithmic and other functions
* Calculation history and memory
* Digit grouping
* Cool color themes (skins)
* Large buttons
* Easy and very user friendly UI
* Very customizable!
* More features will be added. Stay in touch! 
In the PRO-version only:
* Ability to store records of the history (up to 1000, FREE – 50)
* Ability to edit expression with up to 5 lines on the screen (FREE – 3)
* Additional themes (Business, Ice Cream Sandwich)
What’s in this version:
- Fixed MENU button (the top right corner) for Android 4.1.1 and more
- Fixed displaying numbers in the exponent format
- Enabled App2SD (experimental)
- Adapted UI to Android 4.0 and higher
- Added ability to swipe tabs in the history
- Other
Main in previous versions:
* Added ability to disable operations priority (2+2*2=8)
* Added ability to set up the number of digits in HEX/BIN/OCT mode
* More numbers of lines for the expression bar
* Digit grouping in the expression bar
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