Sleep as Android FULL v20130317

Sleep as Android FULL v20130317
Requirements: Varies with device
Overview: Alarm clock with sleep cycle tracker. Wakes you gently in light sleep for pleasant mornings.
Features: sleep graph history, sleep deficit and deep sleep statistics, sharing (FaceBook, Twitter), nature alarms (birds, sea, storm…) with gradual volume up, alarm playlists from your music, lullabies for pleasant asleep, CAPTCHA to wake up on time, sleep talk or snoring recording and more… (2 weeks trial)
aka “Sleep as an Droid”
What’s in this version:
-Improvements in settings – directly visible list values (also in per-alarm), titles, improved wording in English
-Fix noise recordings visible to media player when using new high quality recording
-Fix for reintroduced error in lullaby on Android 2.1
-For those who do naps before midnight there is a new setting in misc which helps to fix stats in this case (Experimental)
-Fix for clicks in few lullabies
-Fix for binaural beats in alarm which may cause alarm sound to fail
This app has NO advertisements
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